Early Music in the News!

National Public Radio just released their "Best Classical Albums of the Year So Far" list.  Harmonia Early Music is a radio program, blog, and podcast and they say, "NPR's list includes three composers from the early music world, but all are performed on modern piano. What do you think this says about the popular tastes in early music recording and/or criticism?"  Interesting!  NPR Classical's Best Albums of the Year (So Far) 

LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Arts (best known as the school upon which the 1980 movie and subsequent TV show "Fame" was based) has started a new program for Renaissance music. In a School of 'Fame,' an Awakening of Renaissance Music

Early Music in the Wall Street Journal, of all places! Second-Class Repertoire No More

Teaching Early Music to today's kids: Ancient Tunes, Young Ears: Teaching Early Music to Kids