July 1, 2011

Time to go!

Well, today's the day!  After Allison takes a Music Theory final for grad school (blech), we're going to the airport!  We leave Houston at 6:30pm and get in to London Heathrow at 9:45am tomorrow.  We'll hit the ground running with an afternoon evensong service at Westminster Abbey and a walking tour of the area around Westminster.  We've also decided that our first meal in England will be Indian food.  This may or may not be a mistake...aren't you supposed to eat light after a long flight??  

We hope to update the blog at least once a day when we get to England, so we'll see you back here tomorrow!  My phone says it's 68 degrees in London right now...goodbye, Houston heat!

Won Ton seems to think he's going with us.  I told him our suitcases aren't long enough.


  1. Tom/Dad7/01/2011

    W-T looks sooooo lonesome. So are you putting both of them up at the Houston Hilton or the Livingston Hilton? Zen sends his best wishes to both W-T and C.

    Another poetic send off comes to mind seeing your suitcases:

    May ye pack up yer worryin'
    'N ferget yer lit'l furrin's
    They's wishin' ya the best
    'N waitn' fer yer returnin'

    Grandma Flora wishes you both the very best trip and is delighted that you will get to the Redmond Square in Wexford....wants to hear all about it. She's got your itinerary and will be thinking about you each day.

    Bon, bon voyage.

  2. Have fun....btw, your dogs are neurotic!

  3. Can't wait to follow along on your adventures! Hope that you guys had a great flight over and enjoyed your first London curry.

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